Saturday, May 2, 2009

Barça or Madrid?

So, I woke up this morning at the Cardenas at 11:45. We all slept in and it was SOOO nice. For some reason, when I sleep in a bed for the first time, I always get a really really good night's sleep. We had breakfast - a little bit of everything: cereal (nuts), crackers, crepes, fruits. With orange juice and milk. It was luxurious.

Afterwards, around 12:45, I headed home. I caught the number 90 bus back. Matilde and César were there, working on the new barbecue on the back patio. They're doing it all themselves and it is amazing. I relaxed in my room a little while, getting everything back into it's place and reading some. Around 2:30, we had lunch: macaroni, fish, shrimp, with bread and fruit, of course. It was SOOOOOOO good. I love the pasta here. And of course, being a port city, the seafood is extraordinarily delicious and fresh.

After lunch, I went up to my room to study some. I also read some of my book. At 7:30, I headed out to catch the 89 bus towards Aragón. I stopped in at Consumo to buy my supper and a few treats for the night. Then, I headed down to the Cardenas' apartment. Cristina met me there so I could drop off my things.

We headed down to Pub Irlandes on Aragón at 8:15ish, where we met up with our friends (Jazmín, Abi, Markos, Lukas, Dabid, Gaby, Samu, Dovis and his cousin Fran, Palma, Johnny, Elias, and Dani) to watch the game that the whole city was revved up and crazy for: Soccer, Madrid against Barcelona.

This is the biggest game in Spain. And I mean... it's huge. Most people in Valencia go for Madrid, because Barcelona is in Cataluña, and most people hate everything Cataluña. But the Cardenas, and me, pulled for Barcelona. Which turned out to be the best choice, because we won 6 - 2. Which is unheard of in fútbol! It was sooo fun. It felt like the Auburn-Alabama game, it was so crazy!

Afterwards, we went back and had dinner at the Cardenas. We hung around, talking and playing, until about 11:00, at which time, we went to Nikanna, a cute little club on a street behind Aragón. We stayed there dancing until about 2:00... we had such a good time, all of us!

We headed home, and Cristina, Abi, Jazmín, me, Macy, Jessica, Esteban, and Markos played HUMOR, a board game, and then the girls had a mini girls' night, eating ice cream and watching girly things on the tv, and then we zonked!

I love my friends.


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