Friday, May 1, 2009


I woke up this morning at 7:20, and, in a state of zombie-ness, got coffee, STRONG, got ready, packed my stuff, made a bocadillo, and around 8:10, headed up to the train station. 

There, I met Macy, Jessica, Dovis, Markos, and the Cardenas, Jazmín, Cristina, and Abi. We bought our tickets to NAVAJAS and hopped on the train, just in time.

Navajas is a small town in the province of Castellón, just north of the province of Valencia, but still in the Autonomous Community of Valencia. 

It's like the US (Spain) divided up into states (Autonomous Communities) and then divided up even further into counties (provinces). Except there are no where near as many A.C.'s as states or provinces as counties.

We rode the 1.4 hours to Navajas, getting there a little after 10:00. 

We walked from the train station, through the town, and to the river. That's the main attraction in Navajas - the river and the water falls. And of course, it's in one of the most mountainous regions of Spain, although the mountains aren't big at all. Needless to say, it was beautiful.

We spent all afternoon, from 10:30 to 5:30 in a little grassy knoll next to the river. There were a good amount of other people there, too, enjoying the day. I forgot to mention that today was a holiday in Spain, like our Labor Day.

We played, read, talked, had a picnic, sunbathed a little, explored, took loads of pictures, listened to music.

It was so perfect - a vacation away from a vacation, basically. A nice little day excursion. As a sidenote, the flora and fauna in this area is breathtaking. Here's a little peak:

After we left the river, we went up to the town and walked around for a little while. It is so quaint and beautiful, and situated nicely in the mountains.

We stopped at a little bar and got ice cream, patatas bravas, and cokes.

When we were done, we headed back up to the train station, where we caught the train back to Valencia.

The landscapes and little towns along the way home were so beautiful, they would take your breath away. The pictures don't do it justice.

When we got home, it was about 8:00. Dovis took me home, where I showered and got ready. Then I headed over to the Cardenas' house. Their parents are in Barcelona, which means there are enough beds for them to have spend the night company!

I dropped my stuff off at their house, and then we headed over to Lukas' piso (apartment). He was having a barbecue, and there were so many people there! Lukas, Ester, one of Lukas' roommates, Markos, Dovis, Dabid, Gaby, Johnny, Esteban, Samu, Elias, Dani, the Australian whose name I don't remember, and of course, Jess, Macy, Jazmín, Cristina, Abi, and also a friend of the girls', Palma.

We stayed at Lukas' until about 1:30, and then went out to find a place to go dancing! Unfortunately, because of the holiday, all the places were closed. So, after playing around in a little park for 2 seconds, we ended up just going home. 

All six of us girls headed back to the Cardenas', where we almost immediately went to sleep.

Contenta con un día pasado perfectamente,

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