Wednesday, May 6, 2009

El Último Mendigueo

My last day of school at the Universitat de Valencia. I would say it was bittersweet, but there was really nothing sweet about it - I don't want to leave!!!!!

Anyway, I woke up on time, had a nice breakfast, and got dressed. I rode my bike to school this morning, for the last time. I had two tests this morning - Conversation and Composition. I think I aced both of them.

Conversation class with Virginia
Composition class with Edu

After our composition class, our teacher Edu took us all out to drinks. We didn't realize he was going to pay for us until after the fact. What a sweetie!!! I had to leave early to go study for my last exam, and because I normally don't hang out with people in ISA outside of class and a lot of people are staying a few weeks longer to travel, there were some people I had to say goodbye to. My first round of good-byes. It was really sad!

After getting a little emotional, I left to study, and at 3:00, I aced my History test. I feel so good about all of my exams. I love Spanish. Here's my history class with our FABULOUS teacher, Adela García Valle - I want to be JUST like her. She is so smart and fashionable and genuine.

When I finished up at school, I biked to meet Macy and Jessica at our meeting point, the Aragón bridge. From there, we walked some side streets we'd never been on before, all lined in beautiful palm trees,

and finally headed to my house. We dropped my bike off, and then they came in and met Matilde... she was so cute. They can see why I love her!

At 6:15, Juan and Laura (Dovis' parents) came to my house, shortly followed by Dovis himself. While we were waiting on the slowpoke to get here, they met Matilde, as well. It was kind of cool - my home life and my social life had been kept separate (not intentionally) this whole semester, and finally, at the end, the cross paths a little bit.

Jess and Macy hopped in the car with Juan and Laura, and me with Dovis, and we headed out to Alboraya, where the Sáiz-Ferrero family treated us to horchata and Daniel's. It was so sweet. We all just talked and talked, and Laura showed me pictures of all their recent excursions. It was a precious time.

Juan and Laura had to leave around 8:00, and so we re-said our goodbyes. This time, I cried a little more, and so did Laura. This whole saying goodbye thing is SO HARD!

J&M and Dovis and I went to the beach for just a little bit, in Alboraya.

We looked for shells and played on the little playground, and then, around 8:50, we headed to the Cabanyal to meet up with: Markos, Dabid, Gaby, Samu, Miguel, María, and Lukas for our last mendigueo - when we go around town and share food with the homeless. I cried some when we prayed beforehand, especially when sweet Dabid prayed for us.

The groups were me, Macy, Dovis; Markos, Dabid, Gaby, María; and Miguel, Lukas, Samu and Jess. Here's Dovis driving his car, BadDovis:

Also, at 12:00 midnight, Gaby, Dabid's little sister, turned 18!!! So we sang Happy Birthday to her, several times, and Dovis and I even did a little freestyling for the birthday girl. It was so special ;)

Dabid and I making 1-8 for Gaby

Around 1:45, Dovis dropped me off at home, and I came in, read a little, and then hit the sack.

Con el corazón roto,

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