Thursday, January 29, 2009


Another incredible day.

Lindsey and I got up, fixed coffee, and went to school. This morning, we had Conversación (my favorite class because of the awesome profesora) and Composición. During my conversation class, my teacher (embarrassingly) called me out and gave me extra work (because the class is at a really really easy level for me and she thinks I 'need a challenge'). I have to interview one of the members of my family, so I'm going to interview Señora and Papá. After I do, Sarah, I'll be able to tell you more about them! After these classes, we headed home. We had lunch with our parents and both brothers, Cesar and Miguel. We had ham soup, bread, and garbanzo beans with vegetables. I was in a hurry because I had to get back to school, but I could definitely enjoy the wonderful cuisine.

I headed back to school around 2:35. This class, my hardest, is the history of the spanish language, and it's probably tied for my favorite. I like it because of the content... the history is just so cool! And I don't even like history!

After class, I returned home, had some snacks from our new stash, and started watching Gladiator. Around 6:00, my friend Marcos from church called me and invited me to come hang out with him and Lukas and David. Of course I obliged! I went and chatted with Señora for a bit, then I left to go meet up with them. I called Jessica and Macy and told them to come too! We went to a little restaurant bar where one of Lukas' friends works and had cokes. It's so nice to hang out with Spanish speakers because it is incredible practice! After 5 minutes of being with them I was already thinking completely in Spanish. We stayed in that bar for a while, then went to the park and sat near the fountain. There, David, who leads the children's choir at the church and is also a member of the choir, told me about choir practice on Fridays at 8:00. He is going to talk to Raquel, the head choir leader, and make sure that it's okay that I join, and if it is, I'm going to practice in two days! They also told us about the couple of nights a week they go and give coffee and food to the homeless people who live here in Valencia and pass out tracts. That's also something I plan on getting involved in. Furthermore, the last four days of our break in April, there is a convention of Spanish Christian youth, kind of like a retreat, and if it works out, I might even go to that!!

After the park, we went back towards the University side of the city to meet up with two more friends, María and Josué, who are the sweetest. We went to have dinner around 10:30 at a kebap place. It was SO delicious! We all just talked (in Spanish of course) and joked with each other, and it felt like home. After dinner, we moved outside and bid each other farewell. Marcos drove me home since it would've been a 45 minute walk for me. On the way, he told me his testimony, and it's pretty incredible. He's super cool!

Friday is David's birthday, so after choir practice, we're all going to get together to celebrate! I might even bake him a cake!!

It is incredible how faithful the Lord is. All my prayers have been answered - maybe not in the ways I wanted, but in ways that are far better! I have a church family, and I have a mission field. What more could a girl want???

Pues, nada. Now I'm going to read some literature and hit the sack. It's late!!!

Mucho amor,

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  1. Leigh, this is so awesome. God is so good to give you the fellowship you yearned for out there. I am so encouraged to hear of Christians around the world who reach out and share with others (Marcos to you). Love you so much and I'll pray that you are completely welcomed by the new church familia. They are all going to be BLOWN AWAY by your voice:) XOXO


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