Friday, January 23, 2009

A View of Valencia

This morning, Lindsey and I slept in again, until about 11:30. Neither of us have class on Friday, which is so awesome. We laid around in our room for a while, then went down (around one.. haha!) to have a cup of coffee. Señora just laughs at us for being so sleepy all the time ("tenéis muuuuchos sueños" she tells us). We ate lunch around 2:15. Today, we had vegetable soup with patatas and garbanzos, bread, and this delicious fried fish. We also had sliced oranges with cinnamon.

After lunch, we got ready, and around 3:15, we headed down to the ISA office. On the way, however, Lindsey had a bike crash! The left side of her face is pretty scraped up, and along her jaw line she has a couple of deep gashes. Once we got to the office, we got her all cleaned up. At 4:00, we began the 'rally'. We split into two groups, headed to downtown Valencia, and had to find a few important sites in the centro. My favorite thing was the cathedral. Andrew, Elizabeth and I climbed 207 steps up in the tower to the top, and saw a view of ALL of Valencia, from the mountains to the west to the Mediterranean to the east. We also learned a lot about the history of Valencia, which was really great. After the rally, we all went to a neat restaurant and had this awesome drink, called horchata. It's tigernut milk made with sugar, water, and ground tigernut bean. This drink originated in Valencia around the 700's. We also had sweet breadsticks to dip in it.

When the rally was over, I headed home. Lindsey had gone shopping during the rally, and she was home when I got there. I watched the new Office episode and then skyped my mom, and then we had dinner around 9:00. Tonight, we had a thick soup, celery with cheese, and bread and chorizo. At dinner, it was just me, Lindsey, and Señora. We talked about universal health care :)

Since dinner, we've just been chilling out in our room! I plan on going to bed early tonight to get my sleep schedule back to normal again!

Nos vemos,

*Pictures (from top to bottom): A view of the sea-side of Valencia (if you enlarge the picture, you can see the white, pointy, modern looking building to the left of the middle of the skyline - this is the Ciudad de las artes y las ciencias... city of the arts and sciences... we live  close to that), a view of the mountain-side of Valencia, me under the belltower of the cathedral, another view of the mountain-side of Valencia, El ayuntamiento (city hall) of Valencia that looks like Cinderella's castle at night!

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