Saturday, January 24, 2009

Shop 'til you Drop

This morning, Lindsey and I woke up around 11:30, again. We went downstairs and had hot tea and coffee. After, we got ready for the day, and then it was lunch time before we knew it. We ate with our parents and Miguel. We had a delicious salad, with corn, crab meat, tomatoes, and olive oil. We also had oysters and chicken and bread. It was all soo good.

After lunch, Lindsey and I headed to the centro centro, where the city hall is. We shopped for a while. We both got watches. Lindsey's looks like a little creature, so we named it Trasto, after our cat. Mine needed a name too, so we chose Miguel :) I also got a purse, a jacket, some flat boots, and my Lacoste perfume that I have been missing so badly. Everything is on sale right now, so we got some great deals!

When we'd finished shopping, we came home and hung out a little bit. I skyped my family and Serra B. Because we'd been planning to go to the theatre (which ended up being sold out) our mother had packed us sandwiches. It was part of a loaf of bread with scrambled eggs in it - kind of like a sub - called a bocadillo. We had peach and grape juice boxes too. It was very delicious. After dinner, we came back up to the room. Lindsey got ready to go out, but since I'm planning on getting up early in the morning for church, I'm staying in. I showered, and now I'm about to watch a movie before I go to sleep.

The church I'm going to tomorrow is an Evangelical Baptist Church. There aren't a whole lot of protestant churches to choose from, but I'm really excited! I'll tell you alllll about it tomorrow.


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