Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fiesta vs. Siesta

Since today is a Valencian holiday, we didn't have class. I was supposed to get up and meet some people to get to known downtown better, but classic me, I didn't wake up. Instead, I slept til about 11:30, at which time I decided to get up and do something with myself. So I went running in the gorgeous park until about 1:00. I ran into Dottie there, so I walked with her for a bit, too.

When I got home, I showered, and then we had lunch. Miguel and Marta both ate out with their friends, but Cesar (the oldest son) made an appearance for the first time since the day we got here to have la comida with us. This was maybe the best meal yet. We ate a type of paella: arroz con bacalao (rice with codfish) and zanahorias (carrots) and habas verdes (green beans). There was also this really great sauce made from about half a bottle of olive oil, sweet garlic, and an egg. We also ate bread and pineapple, and I also had a mandarin.

After lunch, Lindsey and I took a siesta. I slept from about 4:00 to 7:00. I don't know why I was so tired! I did less today that I normally do, despite the running. After our nap, our mamá taught us how to cook a very common and very easy dish - tortillas de patata. In addition to this, we also had fried artichoke, tomato, and bread with sausage. After, I had a mandarin. Again, it was too early for Miguel to eat, and papá was out walking. So it was just our mamá, Lindsey and me.

Since dinner, Lindsey and I have just been up in our room, skyping, chilling. I'll probably finish Casablanca (when I told my papá that I LOVE that movie and Humphrey Bogart, he lent me the Spanish version so I can practice my understanding).

I've been really learning a lot about seeking to please the Lord and not men. That's one of the themes of I Thessalonians, the book my d-group is reading right now. It's hard not always being around people who love Jesus all the time, like I am in Auburn, but at the same time, it's an incredible opportunity. How quickly my priorities would shift and my focus waiver if I sought to please men. But if each moment I seek to follow the will of God, surely he can use me in a way that brings glory to him. Instead of pleasing men, I desire to love them the way Jesus does. That's my prayer each and every day!

Vale, escribiré más cuando haya más para contar. Hasta esa hora, un beso y un abrazo, y que Dios os bendiga,

*Pictures (from top to bottom): The view of the upstairs sitting area from our bedroom door, the downstairs foyer including the dining table, the living room, the patio (the yellow bike to the left is mine and the green bike is Lindsey's), the kitchen with our mamacita cooking!

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