Thursday, April 30, 2009

La Playa Cullera + Halloween in April?

My recent posts are like a broken record, but I never grow tired of announcing my success, especially after how viciously people get on my case about being a dormilona (sleepyhead). I got up on time, even after little sleep, and ate breakfast, got ready, and walked to school. I got there before anyone else did. Check me out!

So, today was Composición and Literatura. For composition, we wrote comics in Spanish, and then added subtitle to random Indian movies. It was actually really fun. In literature, we just talked about Spanish theater. It was good, too.

After school, I walked home with Anna and Melanie. On the way, I stopped in a Chino and got some NEON pink and orange nail polish. When I got home, I painted my nails bright pink. They look so awesome.

For lunch, Matilde, César and I had rice with chicken, bread, and strawberries, and for dessert, cake AND ice cream. It was definitely a treat. Afterwards, I came up to my room and read for a little bit.

Around 4:00, I headed to the Estació de Nord to catch the train to Cullera, the town right next to Sueca, about 30 minutes away. At the station there, Muriel, Anne, and Anna picked me up, and we went to the beautiful beach there. The beach is so naturally, with beautiful flowers and plants on the small sand dunes.

It got a little overcast, unfortunately, so we didn't lay out. But we just talked, played guitar, sang, enjoyed being together. I don't get to see them as much as my other friends who live in Valencia, so it was a nice treat.

The girls took me back up to the train station around 8:00, and I caught the train at 8:15. I got back to Valencia, ran home to change out of my bathing suit, and then caught the number 7 bus to Calle Quart, to my church. Tonight, we had like a haunted house in the church... it was really funny. It wasn't actually scary, but people dressed up and then we had dinner afterwards. Samu, who's nickname is appropriately Samu Manson, dressed up as Marilyn. You be the judge:

Even though it was kind of a weird gathering, it was still so fun because a lot of my friends were there: Macy, Markos, Dovis, Dabid, Samu, Lukas, Lukas' friend from Holland, Ester, Elias, and Dani. We stayed at the church until about 2:00, and then Dovis took me and Macy home.

Preguntándome por qué en abril,

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