Sunday, February 15, 2009


What a beautiful day - despite the rain.

This morning was a struggle to get up. I was in a really confused state because I'd fallen asleep watching Arrested Development on my computer and it was still open lying next to me. Finally I did, however, and got ready for church. I wore my new 10 euro dress :) I hopped on the number 7 bus and headed to Calle Quart. I got there a couple minutes before 11:00 and found a seat. The service was great. We sang (in Spanish) and the sweet Pastor Eduardo preached about forgiveness: There are three main reasons why we don't forgive... pride, vengeance, and resentment. But we are called to forgive, just as we have been forgiven.

After the service (el culto) I bought a Spanish Biblia!!! Finally!!! And I also bought Lady in Waiting, in Spanish. I can't wait to practice. I went to have coffee with Markos, Lukas, Jessica, Macy, and Samu. We sat and talked for a while, and then each went home.

At home, Marta and I waited for Señora and Papá to get home before we had lunch. Our meal was garbanzo beans with chorizo and hard boiled eggs. It was incredibly delicious. Our padres brought back some sweets characteristic of the province they were in. They were, needless to say, quite appetizing.

I hung out in my room for a while, resting, uploading some CDs of Spanish music :) Markos called me around 5:00... we'd been planning on going to David's dad's church service tonight at 6:30, but apparently Markos, Lukas, David, and Samu were all outside my house waiting in the car! I went down and we headed over to Calle Floresta to go to the church.... and hour and a half early. On the way, we were listening to the Hillsong United Español CD... It was amazing! I just can't get over how incredible it is to worship, to praise, in another language. Anyway, it turns out we were going to play worship music, and since Markos knew I could play guitar from the park yesterday, I was, unknowingly, named the guitarist!! Haha.. it was so random, but so fun because we just jammed for an hour.

When the service actually began, David led the worship (so sweet) and his dad gave an amazing, and amazingly long, message. I could tell, however, the caliber of man that he is after 5 minutes of listening to him speak. He has an incredible relationship with the Lord!

After the service, we headed to Burger King to meet up with Josué and María, but I eventually realized the time and went home for supper. Tonight we had peas (guisantes) and toast and yogurt.

Since dinner I've been skyping (Lana and Jlee and Sarah B and my mom) and now I'm going to finish up my homework and go to bed!

Siempre alabando al Señor,

*Pictures (from top to bottom): Markos and David after our jam session; Gaby, me, Jessica, Macy and Bev; the girls, again, being silly; Jessica, Macy, and Bev pushing Samu in the cart; Samu pushing Jessica in the cart

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  1. i love you, daughter, and i can't wait to see you in dallas in 4 1/2 weeks. i am truly sorry that you are missing the big celebration in valencia. maybe you can think of some way to have your friends get some souvenirs from it or take some pictures or something so you can see what it is like. talk to you tomorrow. mom


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