Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wednesday, several days late

I didn't have internet Wednesday, then left Thursday morning for Casablanca, but here's a recap of an amazing day.

Lindsey and I woke up on time and ready to go on Wednesday. We biked to school for Conversación and Composición. Wednesday's are always the best days. After class, I went to the ISA office to hang out and eat my lunch with Ken. During my downtime, I looked up info for a possible UK trip.

At 3:00, I went to my other class, La Historia de la Lengua Española. We always learn amazing things in this class - derivations of languages fascinate me to no end. People just decide what they want their language to be, and so it is. That's how Castellano evolved from Latín vulgar.

After that class, I went back to the office because we had a 5:30 meeting, and I didn't have time to go home and come back. I was talking to Dottie in the office, and it turns out that she too was interested in a UK trip, so after our meeting (about Fallas and such) we ended up booking it right then and there. We're going to Dublin, Liverpool, and London from March 5 to March 9. It's going to be a crazy packed trip, but SO much fun. I can't wait.

After we finished booking everything (flights, trains, hostels, etc.) it was about 7:30. I met up with Jessica and Macy and we hung out for a bit. At 9:00, we met Markos, Samu, David, María, Cristina, Carla, Toni, and two new friends, Joanna and Alison, at the Cabañal (Valencia's other train station) to share food with the homeless. We split into two groups. Jessica, Macy and I went with María, Samu, David, and Alison to walk around the University downtown area. We met several homeless people and gave them bocadillos and Colacao, and just talked with them for a while. It was really hard. I tried not to cry but I just couldn't help it. I've never seen stuff like this first hand, and it absolutely breaks my heart. These people have nothing. They live in alleys with cardboard boxes. It's not just stuff you see in movies. It's real life for them. My eyes have just never been opened to it. The Lord has really put a burden on my heart for these people, and I'm grateful for it.

When we'd found as many people as we could, we went over to the port to hang out for a while and wait for the other group. It was around 1:00. The other day David overheard me singing, and being a musician himself, always wants to hear my sing. So to kill time, everyone decided to pressure me into singing. Usually, I love to sing, and will sing happily whenever, but this night, I was just so so embarrassed! I absolutely refused and refused, but they would not take no for an answer and persisted heavily until finally I did. I was embarrassed. But looking at it now, I just laugh. I felt like a 5 year old.

The others finally came and we talked about the night and closed with prayer for all of our homeless friends. Dobis (David Dos - the other David) took us back to Jessica and Macy's, and I got my bike and headed home.

I got home at 3:00 and packed. My wake up call was 5:00

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  1. Leigh, this is incredible to read. Just reading about all the adventures you are having is inspiring, truly a blessing to read. I was especially keen of reading about your adventures with the homeless. That is Jesus in the skin, something you hear about people doing but i'm afraid you're one of the closest friends i've ever heard of doing such a thing ESPECIALLY in a different country than here. i applaud you, as well as the angels which you have entertained!

    when you go to dublin and the other english locations, i must ask a small favour of you, but only if you have time. find some rugby and take pictures for me, would you? i would really love that. but if there is no time or no opportunity, no need to worry about it! i miss you dearly friend, and pray that your journey continues so well!

    Bail ó Dhia ort!


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