Wednesday, February 11, 2009



I woke up this morning, showered, and got ready for school. Lindsey and I left around 9:10 and made it to class..... EARLY. We had Cultura and Literatura today. I was feeling a little bit vertigo-ish during class, which wasn't much fun.

Afterwards, we biked home for lunch. We had spaghetti with chicken and an apple-raisin sauce. It was quite tasty. After lunch, I came up to my room and hung out for a bit. I tried to figure out some more of the logistics of the April trip, and also some other here and there trips before then.

Around 7:00, I went to the local grocery store to get a few items, and then came home and hung out with Señora and papá until about 9:00. I also interviewed them (finally). They're both 58 and have been married since October 30, 1977. Señora's full name is Matilde Villoldo Úceda, and papá's full name is César Abarca Landete. Señora never went to college, but papá went to the School of Technical and Industrial Engineering. Papá has one younger sister, and Señora is the second youngest of 6. Neither of them are working now, but Señora used to be kind of like a secretary, and papá was an engineer. It has always been Señora's dream to go hang-gliding, and papá's secret wish is to learn how to play an instrument. They both would like to travel during retirement. Her favorite childhood memory is traveling through Spain with her family, and his is being named Valedictorian of his class in school. I love my Spanish parents!!!!

For dinner, we had potatoes and broccoli with olive oil, ham with melted cheese on top, and torrijas (french toast). SO DELICIOUS! Marta joined us, too, which was definitely a treat.

After that, I went downtown to a little bar with Melanie and Ken. We hung out til about 12:00, then came home. Since then, I've talked to Mary Evelyn and my fam. I just love skype!

Hablaremos más adelante,

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