Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pastel Paradise

(I have posted pictures to some of my older blogs: "Pajama Party" and "Grand Adventures". Check them out, below!)

On time to school!!!!! I woke up around 8:15, showered and got ready, had zumo (juice) and a magdalena to go, and hit the road for school! I actually caught the bus, because Pedro (my bike) is still broken.

This morning, we had Cultura and Literatura. In our literature class, we read Romances - I loved them! I usually don't like poetry because I'm not good at understanding this, but either these were super easy or I'm actually getting better, because it was super fun.

After classes, I walked home with Anna (Lindsey caught the bus) because the day was so gorgeous. For lunch, we had salad, potatoes in tomato sauce with onions, and bread. I had a mandarin too. Afterwards, Lindsey and I came up for a little siesta. I watched Roman Holiday AND the latest Gossip Girl episode. At 6:00, we went downstairs to be educated on the making of calabaza pastel!!!! It's SO good, and I'm making it once a week when I get home :)

I was supposed to meet up with Markos & Co. to share food with the homeless again, but I started to get a little bit of vertigo, so I thought it best to take it easy and stay in. For dinner, we had pea soup with tostóns (croutons), egg tortillas with some of that chicken paste inside, bread, and the pumpkin cake. It definitely hit the spot.

Since dinner, I've been skyping - My mom, my dad, Sarah, and Mary Evelyn. How amazing the internet is!

Hasta un día más divertido,

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