Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Class? Canceled.

This morning was another successful one in getting to school - on time! I took a magdalena and zumo to go and caught the bus. We had Conversación and Composición and a break inbetween.

After class, I caught the bus back home (Lindsey rode her bike) because my 3:00 was canceled! The Spanish buses have a tendency to stop whenever they want and change routes whenever the want. This morning, the bus driver said he wouldn't carry anyone any further, so we had to get off and make a connection. This afternoon, instead of going down Peris y Valero, he went down some random obscure avenue two streets over. Anyway, I got off without knowing quite where I was, but it turned out to be fate. I walked by a shoe store and found some great brown boots for 20 euro!

I came home, and we were sitting down to eat. We had bean soup, sausage, bread, and pumpkin cake. After, Lindsey and I came up to the room. Lindsey slept, and I watched Arrested Development.

Eventually, we had supper, which was also incredible. We had a vegetable mix, called menestra, with grilled chicken and a postre of soft flan and cookies. It may have been my almost favorite meal, second only to paella. Our modest señora always says she's not a good cook, but we know the truth.

Since dinner, I've been on the computer, doing nothing. I'm about to throw this computer out the window because I'm sick of it! Haha - not really. I'm just tired of being too tired to do anything in the afternoons :)

Besos y abrazos y más,

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