Friday, February 27, 2009

Valencia Club de Fútbol


So, this morning was hilarious. I woke up (on time, at 8:00, thank you) and of course, was groggy and tired. I trudged out my bedroom door and down the stairs. As I was almost to the bottom, I stopped dead in my tracks. There was a turtle the size of a textbook coming out of the bathroom at the bottom of the stairs. I couldn't make myself move, I was so completely dumbfounded. I couldn't even speak. Señora, who was in the kitchen and had noticed me, came to greet me. "Ah, has visto la tortuga," she says. Translation: Oh, you've seen the turtle. Yes, I'd seen the turtle. "¿Tienes miedo?" No, I'm not scared of it. I'm just completely and utterly taken aback by the fact that this huge turtle is walking around my house, like it's nothing at all. She then proceeds to tell me all about it, and the other two smaller ones that are still outside on the patio. Apparently, they'd just woken up, this morning, from their hibernation period. They were sleeping outside all this time, under some plants. This morning, they woke up and came on in through the cat's door. I asked if Trasto gets jealous, because they eat his food. "No, las mira y piensa '¿qué son estas piedras raras?'" (No, he just looks at them and thinks, what are these strange rocks?). The big one has a name, Burocracia, which means Bureaucracy, because in Spain, they say the Bureaucracy always moves slowly.

Anyway, after my startling revelation, I had my breakfast and got ready. Lindsey and I walked to school today. We had Composición and Literature, both of which were the same as always.

We came home and had lunch. Today it was this incredible bow tie pasta with some sort of sauce that I will learn how to make someday. We also had hamburger patties and bread. Afterwards, both of us came back upstairs and napped from about 4 o'clock to 6 o'clock.

At that point, I got up and got ready for the fútbol game tonight! I took the 89 bus to Blasco Ibáñez to meet up with everyone who was going. Then we headed over to the Mestalla for the game. It was Valencia CF contra Dinamo Kiev, the Ukrainian team, and it was definitely an exciting game. The Valencia fans were CRAZY!! My favorite players were number 11 Asier del Horno and number 21 David Silva. They both scored :) However, the final score was 2-2, and being the home team, it was a loss for us. Melanie and I walked home at 11:45. It was a really nice night!

Amando mis tortugas,


  1. i love the turtle story and especially its name. how appropriate! i enjoyed chatting with you tonight. sorry for the news. didn't get to say good night so i love you and good night.

  2. HEY BABY. I bet the futbol player you liked looked like Apollo Anton Ohno. HAHA. Your story is hilarious. Is it a snapping turtle? They only let go when it thunders. That's what Patrick always said. xoxo


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