Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Miércoles

My alarm did not go off this morning. Good thing Lindsey's did. We got up, got breakfast, got dressed, and got out of the house. I hate wearing coats, because even though it's cold outside, as soon as I start riding that bike, I sweat, and then it's just no fun. So this weather is not good to dress for. I don't have enough warm clothes, but I can't wear summer clothes yet because I don't want to wear a jacket. See my dilemma?

Anyway, today was the best day of class. Conversación and Composición. After class, we had a quick ISA meeting, and then I went to the ISA office to eat my lunch and do some homework. At 3:00 I had my Historia class... more word evolutions. My favorites :)

I rode my bike home from class today, at 4:45, and hung out until about 6:30. I left to go meet Megan, Lizzie, and Chiara at the Cathedral for mass. The schedule was kind of off, though, so we ended up going to the Basilica instead, and we didn't take ashes :( I was bummed about this. Afterwards, we walked around a little bit, then I left to meet up with Elizabeth and Anna. We ate dinner at this INCREDIBLE sushi place, Miss Sushi. It was by far the best sushi I've ever had in my life. Isn't that cool?

I came home around 10:00, and since then, I've been cleaning my room and chatting on FB.

For Lent, I'm giving up shopping (within reason: I can get souvenirs for people and necessities from the grocery store), taking taxis, and carbonation. I'm adding reading my bible in English AND Spanish, daily, and trying to be more consistent in my running. I'm also sacrificing minutes of sleep in the morning, so that I can devote more time to the Lord, be awake BEFORE I leave the house, and be on time to places.

Vuestra Tía Sexi,

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  1. Does shopping for me count as a souvenir??? LOVE YOU and I'm proud of you. XOXO, S


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