Monday, February 23, 2009

Un Día sin Nada Especial que Destacar

This morning was DEFINITELY a struggle to get up. But then again, what morning isn't? I forgot to set an alarm, so we were really rushed. But it turned out fine and we got to school, via bus. I had Conversación and Cultura this morning. I love my classes, but sometimes I get really frustrated with my classmates. I try not to, because I understand that we are all at different levels in what we know. And I've probably had the most Spanish classes out of everyone in the intermediate classes. But I feel like sometimes, my peers just don't try. Learning Spanish is not a priority for their time here. And it's hard for me, because it's at the top for me. Class can't move forward when nobody is putting forth the effort to learn. Today was just a really bad day, and our poor teachers were not happy with us. UGH.

During my lunch break I went to the ISA office, ate my lunch (señora packed me a bocadillo of cheese and chorizo), and started writing all the postcards that I need to write while I'm here. It's a daunting task.

At 3:00, those of us with Historia headed back across the street to school for class. It was a good class today - we did alot of exercises of word evolution from Latin to Castellano. It's really hard, but really fun, I think. Here's an example:

SPÉCULU > [speilu] > [espeilo] > [espeḽo] > [espeǧo] > [espežo] > [espeχo] spoken: espejo, which means mirror.

Isn't that cool?? I love it! Here's another:

DĬRĔCTU > [derectu] > [derecto] > [dereito] > [dereĉo] spoken: derecho, which means right.

Definitely my favorite class. After, I caught a bus home. Here, I've just been doing homework, making travel plans, kind of, and relaxing. For supper tonight, we had onion purée, setas (a kind of mushroom), bread, and melted cheese on turkey. For dessert, we ate flan :) YUM.

I'm about to go meet up with Jessica and Macy to go to an intercambio somewhere downtown. Hopefully it will be fun!!!

Hasta luego,

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