Monday, February 9, 2009

School, Sweet School

After not nearly enough time asleep, Lindsey and I woke up this morning. On time. We got ready for school, got a mag and juice to go, and hit the road. We got to class right as it was beginning. Today, we had Conversación and Cultura. Inbetween, like always, we got coffee. I also got a Bueno from the vending machine :)

When class was over, I headed to the ISA office to sign up for the Valencian fútbol game, then to the tobacco shop to buy postcards and another bonobus, and then I went to my favorite little café, Zumo Del¡s. I got El "abre los ojos" - a smoothie - and went up to the loft to eat the bocadillo my señora packed me and do my homework. It was nice to be alone.

At 2:40 I headed back to school for my 3:00 class. I love this class, but today was not so good. I had a hard time taking notes because my vertigo was bothering me again, and I had to look up at the board and down at my notes over and over. Ugh.

I rode my bike home and came up to my room. I tried to take it easy. I planned a little bit of my April trip out, and watched some Arrested Development.

At around 8:30, we had dinner: pea purée with potato tortillas. My señora was so worried about me and my vertigo. She was telling me all these things I should do, and she even made me some fresh juice. Such a sweetheart.

Since dinner, I've been working some more on the itinerary. I also talked to Emily and Lana on Skype.

Please pray for me, that my vertigo would go away! I'm not sure why it's been so bad recently. It's definitely no fun at all.

Hasta luego,

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  1. i'm so sorry about your vertigo. i've had that and it just makes everything feel impossible. praying!


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