Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tourism at its finest


Woke up this morning around 11:45. It is SO nice to sleep in sometimes. Lindsey and I made coffee and hung out, finally getting ready for the day. We at lunch around 2:00. We had eggs sunny side up with (pretty much) french fries and chicken. It was incredible!!

Around 2:25, I took a banana and hit the road. I met up with Andrew and Melanie, and we walked downtown to meet Ken. We walked around for a while, then headed to the train station. Melanie and Ken bought train tickets while Andrew and I shopped in the Plaza de los Torros.

Afterwards, we headed back towards the cathedral side of downtown. On the way, we got gelato :) I had stracciatella (again) and avellana (hazelnut). So good. We then climbed Las Torres de Serrano, which act as boundaries to the old city. It was amazing!

Around 6:30, we headed to the museum of Roman ruins. We had our own personal tour guide 
show us Roman and Muslim artifacts and ruins that had been excavated over the years... the earliest being from 200 years BEFORE CHRIST! It was awesome. We saw Roman baths and the place where Saint Vincent died and human bones. WOW.

At about 8:00 I headed home. It was just me, because Lindsey went to a concert tonight. I hung out with Señora a while. I told her I liked her necklace, and she proceeded to show meevery piece of jewelry she owns. It was actually cool, because she's been alot of places and has jewelry from them - like Cairo and Rome.

For dinner, it was me, Señora, papá, and Miguel. We had potato purée, alcachofa (artichoke), and calamares a la Romana (fried calamari rings) and some delicious lemon bread dessert. Afterwards, I came up to my room and hung out a little bit. I watched the newest Office episode and skyped my family. Around midnight I caught a cab downtown to meet up with Macy and Jessica. We went to this awesome bar called El Caribe and danced for a while. It was super fun. By the way, I've come to the conclusion that Spain has the most gorgeous residents.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to hang out with the homeless again. I'm super excited.

Hasta luego,

*Pictures (from top to bottom): The first flight of stairs, a second flight of stairs, a beautiful gothic archway, me at the top, soccer fields and part of the Valencian skyline, a pretty peephole, me on some stairs, a gorgeous Valencian city block, a nice building downtown, the museum of the ancient Roman ruins

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