Sunday, February 8, 2009

Viaje a Barcelona: Parte 2

So last night, after I posted, I ended up hanging out for a while in Melanie's room with her, her friend Anna (from ISA Barcelona), Ken, Andrew, Dottie, and Madeline. At around 11:30, Madeline, Dottie, Ken and I went to grab bocadillos before going out. We met up with Melanie and then took a metro to a different district to meet up with Anna.

When we got there, we found a neat little bar, 
two levels, that had low couches and tables and dim lights and cushions and just an incredible ambience. We got something to drink and hung out for a little bit. Around 1:30 we headed to Mojito, our destination for the night. It was this really awesome dance club, and it was PACKED! But it was so fun. I was sweating after about 5 minutes of being inside. But I did end up dancing with a few Spanish dudes, which was awesome.

We left around 4:30 and took a cab back to the hotel, and I went to sleep around 5:15.

This morning, we woke up at 9:30 and got packed and ready. We made it to complementary breakfast, too! Which was okay. I had a croissant and some juice and then made a bocadillo to take with me for lunch.

We left the hotel at 11:00 and headed to the Picasso museum downtown. It was awesome! The museum is actually 5 old "castles" together, converted into different salas based on the period of his life. Our tour guide was one of the directors of ISA Barcelona, and she was fabulous. We were there until about 1:30, after which we had free time until 4:00 to eat and do whatever.

Jessica and I wanted to sample some local cuisine, so we went to a tapas restaurant and ordered muscles, patata tortilla, and butifarra (specialty of Barcelona). It was all very delicious. It was great, too, because it gave Jessica and I a chance to really talk one-on-one. We talked about our faith alot, which was a breath of fresh air, for sure. The Lord has definitely blessed me with fellowship like I never would've expected.

After la comida, we met up with Macy and got some gelato. I got a special where they put four flavors into one cup. I ordered: tiramisu, bonbon, conguitos, and stracciatella. It was maybe the most delicious thing I've ever tasted in my life.

At 4:00, we met at the huge Cristóbal Colón statue by the port and loaded the bus to head back home! We stopped around 6:45 to get a little snack, and we arrived in Valencia around 9:15. It's pretty cold outside, so Lindsey and I got a cab back to our house.

I'm so, so tired and hopefully will be asleep soon! Hope everyone is doing well!!!

Todo mi amor,

*Pictures (from top to bottom): A panorama of Barcelona from Montjüic, me and Macy with the cool statue, Kumon in Barcelona!, Saint Mary of the Sea cathedral, a Spanish alleyway, the Christopher Columbus monument, me riding on Aslan


  1. these pictures are awesome! what a great experience and adventure you are having. you are so beautiful in these pix. you look so happy. makes me miss you more. love you, mom

  2. I agree with everything mom said. i am also very jealous of all the good food you're eating. Esp. the gelato :( LOVE YOU


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