Monday, February 2, 2009

The Rain IS in Spain

This morning, I woke up around 8:20. I went downstairs for breakfast and coffee, only to find out that my bike was in fact still broken. This threw me off, because I'd allotted myself just enough time to get ready and go assuming that I'd be riding my bike. So I sped to get dressed and hurried out the door to catch a bus instead. I was late to class - of course. But only by 10 minutes or so.

Today we had Coversación at 9:30, and then for our 11:45 Cultura y Civilización class, we met downtown to visit some famous monuments. We learned alot about Valencia's cathedral and the ancient Roman part of the city. It was awesome.

Since I had a class at 3:00 and Lindsey had one at 5:00, we decided not to try and go home for lunch. Señora packed me a bocadillo, so we went to a cute little smoothie place and had our lunch. After, I headed to Historia de la Lengua Española - my favorite class.

I caught the bus home because it was raining. This is the third day in a row that it has rained - a record in Valencia! 310 days of sunshine, and 3 days back t0 back with lluvia. The people are incredulous.

When I got home, I had some coffee with Señora then came upstairs to rest. I had a little bout of vertigo that has, unfortunately, lasted the whole evening.

Marta and her friend Mirian joined us for supper around 9:00. We had croquetas (fried chicken paste), mushrooms with ham and cheese, and a soup of garlic and eggs. It was good, but I couldn't keep much down because of how dizzy I was! I think a good night sleep will cure me in no time.

Since dinner, I've skyped my mom and done a little reading for my culture class. Now I'm going to try and sleep this vertigo off :)!

Hasta mañana,

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