Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Back in the cycle

This morning, we woke up and headed to class, on foot today. We had Cultura and Literatura. For culture we had a fiesta! Our teacher brought horchata and lots of typical bread of Valencia. In Literature, she handed back our tests... I made a 9.75/10, aka a sobresuperior! I was very excited.

After class, I went with Megan and Lizzie to the Mascletá (HUGE FIREWORKS SESSION) in the Plaza de Ayuntamiento and then we headed to the plaza de toros to buy tickets for the bullfight on Friday! I'm so excited!!!

Afterwards, I came back to the house for lunch. We had potatoes with chorizo negro (our sister, Marta's favorite meal) and it was DIVINE. I think it has become my new favorite food. She also made us eggs sunny side up, and of course, we had bread.

Lindsey and I came up to our room. I studied most of the afternoon, taking a couple of breaks to finish season 3 of Arrested Development - for the fourth time - and also to catnap.

Around 8:30, I caught the bus to Blasco Ibáñez to meet Macy, and we walked to meet the rest of our friends: Markitos, Carla, Toni, David, Alison, Johanna, Samu, Johnny, Melanie, María, y Josué. We were meeting to talk about 'mendiguear' - when we share meals with our homeless friends. We are going to start collaborating more with Misión Urbana, the organization intended especially for their needs. Am I making sense? I've been speaking Spanish ALL day and I feel like my English ha peorado.

At 11:00, when we'd finished our meeting, I walked home and studied some more. Finally, I went to sleep. It was a nice day.

La chica que ya no sabe inglés,

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