Sunday, March 15, 2009

Las Fallas Han Empezado, ¡Al Final!

I woke up this morning and got ready, after only a few hours of sleep. Miguel came and picked me up and we got a little bit of breakfast before we headed to the río (park) to meet up with our friends and share breakfast with the homeless. There, it was me, Miguel, Cristina, Jazmín, their other sister Abi, their baby brother Dani, and both their parents, another Miguel visiting from Barcelona, and Markitos. We stayed there until 12:00, playing fútbol and hanging out with our friends. It was amazing.

Afterwards, Miguel dropped me off at home, where I showerd and then had la comida with my family. It was el Día de Santa Matilde, so it was a special day for mamá. We had patatas con chorizo, bread, mussels, and fruit.

Next, I headed to the beach. It was a long walk, but I thoroughly enjoyed it because it was a GORGEOUS day. There, I met Macy, Jessica, and Megan, and we just laid around, taking it all in. It is SO nice living in a city with a beach. I'm in love with it.

We left the beach around 5:20 and took the streetcar back to Jessica and Macy's. They changed while I ran to the local consumo to buy cokes and cake for tomorrow's 'fiesta'. Then, we headed to the Aragón metro stop to meet up with Cristina, Jazmín, Abi, Lukas, and Miguel (Barcelona) to go to Visión. This is the same youth gathering we went to a month ago, in a church in the Patraix area of the city. The theme this month was Sumérgete, and the pastor talked about how we need to really submerge ourselves in the bible, not just reading it but understanding it and applying it to our lives. It was great. Again, the worship moved me in an incredible way.

The service finished, I grabbed a bocadillo to eat, and then we hung out for a while. It's so cool knowing so many people there. My friends there were: (Jessica and Macy, of course) Cristina, Jazmín, Lukas, Abi, Dovis, David, Anne, Muriel, Anna, Phillip, Johnny, Josué, Johanna, Alison, Samu, Miguel, Miguel (Barcelona), Vicente, Ramón, Jorge, Vicki, Gemi, Daniel, María, Markitos, Melanie, Pedro, and Victoria, not to mention all the people we meet while we're there and just hanging out. I love it.

We finally moved the party to the Palau de la Música, where we went down into the river and listened to the concert that was far away. After a while, I started getting tired, and apparently everyone else did too, because around 1:30, we all headed home. Sweet Anne was so concerned about me walking by myself that she insisted I let Phillip take me home on their way.

Fallas has officially started! There are going to be events all the time, at all hours of the day and night, from now until Thursday, when, at midnight, they burn all of the Fallas. It's so crazy - it's basically like one huge block party. People are EVERYWHERE and I love it.

La Fallera,

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