Wednesday, March 4, 2009


The title says it all. Today was a boring day. Lindsey and I woke up late, and therefore had to rush to school. But we made it! This morning was Conversación and Composición, after which we had a short ISA meeting and then I went to the office to have lunch and finish up some homework. After that, I had my 3:00 class, which was great.

Afterwards, Ken and I went to the Mercadona to get a few groceries (I needed some things to take with me on my UK trip). We then met Dottie at the ISA office to print off our plane tickets and such, then we walked down to the train station to buy tickets to Madrid.

I walked home around 6:00 and did homework and packed until supper at 9:00. We had a soup with croutons and tortillas with this delicious 'mayonaise' sauce that Miguel made.

After supper, Lindsey and I just hung out in our room, cleaning, watching TV episodes.... not much exciting. But I leave tomorrow for Dublin, Liverpool, and London with Dottie!!! I'm excited for that :) Hopefully I'll be able to update my blog at the hostels, but if not, I will write a long one when I get back on Monday!!


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