Tuesday, March 31, 2009

To Sleep or Not to Sleep

What is wrong with me???? I feel like the theme of my life recently is sleep. But then again, when does this theme NOT have a strong presence in my day-to-day living?

Last night, I went to sleep at 11:30, and I was pumped about that. Then Lindsey came to collect some things around 12:30, and although she was quiet, I woke up. Unfortunately I couldn't go back to sleep until around 4:00. Another miserable night.

I woke up and caught bus 89 to school. This morning was Cultura and Literatura. We watched movies in both. For culture, we watched 'Los Años Bárbaros' (the barbarian years) set in the time of Franco's dictatorship in Spain. It was actually really good. In literature, we watched cartoons of Don Quijote de la Mancha. They were funny.

After class, I took the bus home and had lunch with Matilde, Papá, and Miguel. We had a rice dish called Arroz de Vigilia (literally Rice of the Vigil) - a typical dish of this time around Easter. It was rice with garbanzo beans, spinach, bacalao, and all in a delicious sauce. We also had mussels and brad, and for dessert, strawberries.

When we'd finished eating, I came upstairs and watched the latest episode of Gossip Girl - (PS. WHATTTT? BLAIR AND NATE? AND CHUCK AND VANESSA? gross) and then at 4:00, I went to sleep. I set my alarm for 5:15, but of course, I didn't hear it. I slept until 8:45, at which time Lindsey came to wake me up. She and Daniel were here for dinner, and it was just about time to eat.

Dinner was amazing. We had pura de verduras (vegetable purée) with bread and two types of tortilla - regular patata and then spinach. Spinach twice in one day was definitely a treat for me. Papá broke out a bottle of wine for dinner, from the region of Navarra, and from the year 2000. It was really good. For dessert, we each had a little slice of pastel de calabaza and strawberries. Talk about delicious.

Afterwards, I met up with Jessica and Macy, and we walked around town, exploring parts of the city we still hadn't seen. It was great to just hang out with them. They have definitely become some of my closest friends. I absolutely adore them. They were in Sevilla this weekend, and then they leave tomorrow afternoon to go to Florence until Monday, so I won't be seeing them for a while! But that's okay, because in a few short days I'll be headed on an adventure of my own.

Anyway, I came back home around 12:30 and since then have been hanging out, Skyping my mom, and taking care of business. Sleep is pending!

'Sta luego!

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  1. You and your sleep- Que fuerta pfshhhh. haha. I KNOW. Chuck and V. Disgusting. I can't stand V. What the heck is up with that? Blair and Nate. I can't stand that either. And I can't stand Dan or Jenny. Whatever Little J and your weird friends.

    When are your girls coming out to see you? Any luck on a jacket? Is everything summer clothes now? Do you have a request for a birthday present? April 8 is approaching fast!!!!

    Love you and your post. I think you seriously may have some tumor in your anterior hypothalamus (your "sleep center") causing all this mayhem. Just sending a little more anxiety your way:)



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