Monday, March 2, 2009

Field Trip

This morning was weird. I fell asleep last night watching Arrested Development so I woke up really confused. But I still got to school EARLY. I am getting so good.

Today we had Conversación and Cultura. For Cultura, we took a field trip to Sagunto! It was so cool. After conversation class, we walked to the end of Blasco Ibáñez to el Cabañal, the second and smaller train station in Valencia, to catch a train to Sagunto, about 25 minutes outside of Valencia. There and back, the ticket cost 3.25 euros. Cool, huh?

When we got there, we walked up to the old Roman theatre, and then we saw, but weren't able to go in, the castle. These ruins are famous throughout Spain because they are the oldest and most extensive. The castle is especially impressive. We ate our lunches up near the theatre, with a gorgeous view of the city.

When we walked back down into the town, we stopped in and had coffee, with our awesome teacher, because we had a little bit extra time. Around 2:45, we caught the train back into Valencia. Megan and I speed walked back to school, because I had a class at 3:00. My historia class. Of course my sweet teacher was totally whatever about me being late. "No pasa nada," she says.

After my late class, I caught the bus home. I came in and studied some more for my literature test tomorrow. At around 8:45, we had dinner. Vegetables - peas, carrots, potatoes - with bread and fruit and really delicious fish. For dessert, we had some more turrón. Lindsey and I came back upstairs to study some more. Around 11:00, we went down and got tea and snacked some, too.

Today was really cool. I got to talk to some people from our group that I usually don't have a chance too, which was awesome. Even though we are all so very different from each other in so many ways, we all have this one, huge part of our lives in common. I love it. I hate, though, that there are so very few Christians in my group. Please be in prayer for my friends that don't know the Lord. They are lost and they don't even know it!

Siendo una buena estudiante,

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