Monday, March 16, 2009


I woke up and got ready, then caught the number 7 bus to church in Calle Quart. There, Samu greeted me, and I sat with him. The service was beautiful, and Pastor Eduardo preached about morals and whether or not our morals are reflections of the teachings of Jesus or not.

After church, Jessica, Macy, me, Miguel, Samu, Markos, Martín (a new friend from Argentina), David, and Raquel walked downtown to attend the Mascletá, where we met up with Josué, 
Mela, and Miriam.
When the mascletá had finished, all of us, minus Miguel and Raquel, went to find Cristina, Jazmín, Abi, Miguel (Sevilla), Lukas, and the Holland guy because Cristina's family had invited us all to paella at her house. Her dad is an incredible paella cook - and although there were over 25 of us (more people came, including Manu (Jazmín's friend from Barcelona), Vincent, his sister Nancy, and Ramón) we each ate to our heart's delight.

We finished eating around 4:30 and just hung around until 5:00. 

At that time, we changed into more lazy clothes and headed to the beach. It was Cristina, Jazmín, Josué, Manu, Miguel (Sevilla), Macy, Jessica, Miriam, Mela, Abi and me. Even though the water was freezing, we all ran and dove in - in our clothes! It was sooo fun and spontaneous and we had an absolute blast.

We changed out of our wet clothes on the beach, then Jess, Macy and I headed back home to have dinner. For dinner at the Abarca- Villoldo residence, we ate buñuelos de calabaza with chocolate. And that was it. It was so delicious, but I only ate a few because the idea of only dessert for dinner was not especially appetizing. After supper, I showered and got ready, then met up with Megan, Macy, and Jessica at the Aragón bridge. From there, we met up with Bev and went down to a Falla close y and I got a Kebap to eat.

From there, we went and met up with everyone else at the Puente de Aragón: Cristina, Jazmín, Mela, Miriam, Miguel (Sevilla), Manu, Markos, Gaby, David, Samu, Lis, Marta, Esteban, Sara, Lukas, María, and Dovis to watch the Castillo that began at 1:00 - a huge and AMAZING fireworks show located in the río (park).

I do mean amazing, too - it puts to shame anything I've ever seen in the States. In Spain, it's longer, louder, and more colorful.

Afterwards, Cristina, Jazmín, Miguel (Sevilla), Manu, María, David, Gaby, Macy, Jessica, Megan, Bev, Josué, Dovis, Markos, Lukas and me went to a berbena - block party, basically, specific to each individual falla (aka barrio) - that had amazing dance music and just danced until 4:00 or so. It was really fun - we had dance offs between girls and boys, Americans and Spaniards, random groups. I absolutely loved it.

When we'd become all danced at, I headed home, and now I'm going straight to sleep!

Contenta con el día más perfecto del mundo,

*Pictures (from top to bottom): Markos, Raquel, Miguel, and David at the Mascletá; the delicious paella made by Fran; Mela, Miriam, Cristina, Abi, Macy, me and Jess after our amazing lunch; after bathing in the freezing Mediterranean: Josué, Mela, me, Jess, Miguel (Sevilla), Jazmín, Manu, Macy, and Cristina; most of our group at the Castillo: Sara, Esteban, Cristina, Me, Macy, Gaby, María, Mela, Jess, Lukas, Miriam, Miguel (Sevilla), Marta, Samu, Lis, and Dovis

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