Thursday, March 26, 2009

Baggage Claim

Today was a lovely day! I awoke at 8:00 for school, only to find a gift on my bedside table. Iberia Airlines had texted me to inform me of the arrival of my bag at the Valencia airport! Although I was completely thrilled at the news, it did change the look of my day. I had been planning on taking the train out to Sueca to visit Anne and Muriel, but instead, I had to drive out to the airport and recoger my luggage. Oh well.

So I got ready, had coffee and a mag, and then headed on to school. Because I woke up on time, I leisurely walked to class. It was a gorgeous day. Valencia has really blossomed, what seems like overnight. The orange trees in the park are in full bloom, so the city has it's own natural perfume. I absolutely adore it.

Today we had Composición with Edu and Literatura with Verónica. Spring fever is definitely going around, but it's a good thing. Our teachers are in better moods, and class has a lighter feel. I saw my friend Jacob, who I met along with Rachel and Stephen a couple weeks ago at church, at school. They are here with UGA, and they are all super nice. Anyway, Jacob and I chatted for a while during our break. It was nice.

After class, Papá (sweet thing) picked me up from school and drove me to the airport. However, I didn't have my passport with me, and no other form of ID was acceptable, so they didn't let me get it. We drove back home and before coming back, had lunch. César was there today, so it was him, Papá, Miguel, Matilde, and me. We ate Arroz al Horno, César's favorite. It's another kind of rice dish, made in the oven instead of on the stove. It as incredible. We also had mussels and bread and fruit. Super delish. After lunch, with my passport in hand this time, Papá and I drove BACK to the airport. We listened to music and sang along - he and I both love the Beatles, so we have a really good time together. It was nice a) being in a car for a change, and b) spending time with my sweet papa. I FINALLY retrieved my luggage, and we were headed back home.

After I unpacked and got everything into it's place, I chilled out. I took about a 30 minute nap, and read my new spanish book - La teoría de Nancy - that Matilde lended to me. At about 8:00, I headed out to meet my friends at the Estación del Cabanyal - the other train station . This is where we meet to mendiguear - when we feed our homeless friends. Tonight, it was Markos, Lukas, Dovis, Johnny, María, Toni, Alison, Daniela, Samu, Eduardo (our pastor!), Nievas, and Miguel. My group was Markos, Lukas, Dovis, Jonny, and Toni. We went in Johnny's and Dovis' cars. We started out on Blasco Ibáñez and then went to the centro centro - la plaza redonda, FNAC, Quart - and then headed back around 11:00. We parked by the cabanyal and sat in Johnny's car and listened to music for a while, then went to the banco - the benches - and met the others to talk about how it went and what not. We prayed, and then Johnny, Lukas, Markos, Dovis, Samu, María and I stayed to talk. Samu was having some ladyfriend issues, so we gave him advice until about 2:30 in the morning, when we finally left and Johnny took me home. It was an amazing night. I also enjoyed getting to know Johnny a little bit more. I haven't spent much time with him before now, so it was neat. He, like so many of my amazing Spanish friends, is a man after God's own heart, and it's so encouraging to see the way he lives his life.

I just can't explain in words how full my heart is right now. I have found a group of friends who not only desire to be Jesus' hands and feet, but put themselves out into the world, in their city, in their barrios, and materialize that desire. It has inspired me to change the way I live back home. I feel like I've just been passive for so long. I want to get out there, not let opportunities, life, people, pass me by. Ah! Valencia is teaching me so much more than just Spanish and I LOVE IT!

Llena de amor, pasión, y felicidad,

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