Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Will Survive

Instead of waking up this morning refreshed and back on Spanish time, I found myself ill. I'm talking a 102 fever. Ugh. So instead of getting  ready for school when I woke up at 8:30, I got ready for a day of utter boredom and achy joints. I had some juice and Advil, then went back to sleep for a couple hours.

When I woke up, I downloaded the new Gossip Girl episode, which unfortunately took several HOURS to download. Poor Matilde didn't realize I was still here and forgot to call me down for lunch. When she came up to our room to get our clothes and found me in bed, she was so startled and worried and embarrassed for not feeding me, all at once. "Tranquila!" I told her. I didn't want her to feel bad. So we went downstairs and she fixed me some fish (the whole thing, head, bones, scales... all of it) and a little slice of pizza. But I didn't have much of an appetite at that point.

So I spent the rest of the afternoon watching Gossip Girl, working on some schoolwork, and being really bored. For dinner at 9:00, we had pasta, some homemade pizza with salsa de tomate, queso, and chorizo, and salad called rinrin... patatas and bacalao with lots of olive oil. I stayed down in the kitchen for a while watching the news and talking with Matilde, then came back up to my room..... again.

I checked my email, and my mother found out that in fact, my luggage is still in Boston, but they are (hopefully) sending it to London, then Madrid, then Valencia. So maybe, just maybe, it will get here by Thursday or Friday. We'll keep our fingers crossed.

My plans for the rest of the night: sleep. Heal. Be ready for the Valencian sunshine tomorrow.

Tu pobrecita,

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  1. You poor baby!!!!!!! pobrecita hahaaha. Are you better yet? If you can eat a whole fish you better feel better. Sientese por favor. that's something i remember from spanish class


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