Wednesday, March 11, 2009

¡Un Día Espectacular!

Today was AMAZING! Let me tell you about it.

I woke up this morning at 8:00, went downstairs and made myself coffee, and then got dressed and ready for school. I caught the bus today, because I was a little bit too tired from not sleeping much (due to my late night stuyding) to walk to school.

Today, being Wednesday, is as always the best day of class. We had Conversación with Virginia, the best teacher ever, and Composición with Edu. In conversation, we played a game called 'Medio Limón' and basically, it's the game 'Big Booty', Spanish style. It was awesome. In composition, we watched a lot of youtube videos about bullfights and things similar to bullfights.

During the break, before my 3:00 test, I went outside to eat my bocadillo and enjoy the GORGEOUS weather. Sunny, not a cloud in the sky, with a high of 70 degrees. Afterwards, I came back upstairs, where I found my entire Historia class doing the same thing as I was - last minute studying. At 3:05, Adela, our history teacher, came, and thus began our dreaded exam. The thing that made it so bad is just the amount of information that we had to know. Even though I absolutely love it, it's still a very difficult class. The test was hard, but I feel like I did really well on it. It was also SUCH a relief to be done.

When I'd finished, I headed over to the ISA office to hang out. I uploaded pictures, wrote my UK blog, emailed people... it was really productive. Then at 6:00, Jessica, Macy and me headed to meet our friend Jazmín, Cristina's younger sister, because she'd invited us over to talk with her and her mother. They are both trying to learn English, so it was kind of our own intercambio. They are both so precious, their whole family is. I love how welcoming the people are here... always opening their homes to us and offering us anything we need. It was amazing.

We stayed there about an hour and a half, and afterwards, I hopped on the bus to  come home for a bit, after which I went BACK to the school area to meet up with Jessica and Macy again. From there, we walked down to el Cabanyal to meet up with our friends to share food with the homeless. It was: Markitos, David, Gaby, Dovis, Cristina, Alison, Johanna, Samu, Johnny, Josué, María, and some new friends, too: Marta, Celia, and my favorite, Miguel.

We split up into groups to go to different parts of town. My group was me, Jessica, Macy, Markos, Cristina, María, Celia, and Miguel. Us Americans rode with Celia and Miguel. We went to a few different places all over town. During the drives, we just talked and talked and talked. Miguel invited us to his church Sunday night, and also to have Paella at his house Sunday for lunch. After knowing us for 20 minutes, he'd already invited us to spend time in his home. Like I said - so welcoming. And he is definitely a young man of the Lord. We're going to get married.

Afterward, at around 1:00, he dropped us off at home. Now I plan on catching up on the Office and SLEEPING!

Sorprendida y bendecida por el amor del Señor aquí en este país,
La vuestra,

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