Monday, March 23, 2009

A Regresar

Post-party depression. With the purpose of the weekend accomplished, there was only one thing left to do. Pack up and get back to real life. And for me, the real world (as Dad likes to call it) is in Spain. So I woke up this morning, showered, and got my bags packed for the long journey home.

Dad and Sarah took me to DFW at 10:30, and I waited to catch my plan, which left at 1:00. But I got a surprise! Turns out Allison Kajs (my amazing college friend whom I love with all my heart) was also flying out of DFW, at my same gate no less, 45 minutes after me. We got to visit for a brief moment, but it was so sweet!

But I was off, headed to Boston. I sat next to this amazing couple, the Cushings, who are believers and were just so friendly. We talked pretty much the whole time, and when we were saying goodbye, Ellen gave me their email and phone number in case I'm ever in Boston. She was so precious.

When I got to Boston, I had about a 2 hour layover until my flight to Madrid. I bought some Dramamine and chapstick, and then waited. Finally, we boarded at 7:30 EST and were off to cross the Atlantic. This time, I sat next to a man named Lorenzo. Originally from Portugal, he has lived in France, Russia, Germany, Spain, and Boston, and can speak all 6 languages fluently. Incredible. I tried to sleep some, but planes just aren't very comfortable.

We arrived in Madrid at 7:00 am, Madrid time. And much to my dismay, at baggage claim, my suitcase was nowhere to be found. I filled out some paperwork with Iberia, and then went to find my next terminal. I had to take a shuttle to get there, but finally I did. About 4 hours before check-in even began. So I tried to kill time. I watched an Office episode, and a Gossip Girl episode as well. I read. I napped a little. Finally, I checked in and went to my gate. And sat around some more. Altogether, my layover was 8 hours.

FIIIIIINALLY I got on my Ryanair flight to Valencia, and arrived around 3. I went to check in with Iberia again, because they were supposed to have sent my bag on an earlier flight to Valencia. It wasn't there. And the man at the counter was not very friendly, which made it all seem so much worse. I left my phone number with them, so hopefully they will call me soon and have my bag!

I caught the metro to the Xátiva stop, then walked the rest of the way home. Matilde was there to greet me, and was concerned about my luggage. But I told her not to worry, and then went up to my room to rest.

At about 8:45, we had dinner. Angel hair pasta soup with tortilla española and a fruit salad consisting of pineapples, strawberries, and oranges. It was delightful. After dinner, I came back up to my room, and since then have been watching Phantom of the Opera. Did you know that the phantom is actually played by Gerard Butler? My favorite actor, by far, he has also starred in 300 and PS. I love you. What a talent!


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