Friday, March 27, 2009

Free Fridays

I did not wake up this morning until about - 1:00. Poor Matilde had to come in to wake me up for lunch, and in the end, I didn't even eat with them. I was too tired. This is what happens to me when my sleep schedule gets off and I stay up until the wee hours of the morning doing God only knows what. Ugh.

The upside of the matter is that today wasn't a spectacularly gorgeous day - in fact, it was overcast, slightly rainy and definitely more chilly than normal. So it makes me feel a little better to know that I didn't waste a good day.

When I was finally up and moving, I got dressed and ready and went downtown to my favorite zumería to meet Macy, Jessica, and Macy's mom. We hung out for a while in Zumo Del¡s and then headed towards the centro centro to get some coffee in a wonderful coffee shop. We headed back around 7:15, because they were going to catch their flight to Sevilla for the weekend. I went home and hung out with Matilde for a while.

At 9:15, I walked to the church in Calle Sueca, where Dovis and Johnny go, for a reunion of prayer. A lot of my friend were there - Dovis, Johnny, Muriel, Philip, Jazmín, Cristina, Markos, David, Lukas, Josué, Mela, Samu, and then some new friends - Daniel (Johnny's brother), Eva, Eli, Dina, Andreas and Marc and Montse and Rut (Lukas' friends from Barcelona) and more. We worshipped for a while - Johnny and Philip led - and prayed and wrote letters to the Lord and worshipped some more. We were there until 1:00 and it was amazing.

Afterwards, a group of us went to a club, Wah, to dance. It was me, Jazmín, Johnny, Josué, Mela, Lukas, Dina, Eva, Eli, Dovis, Samu, Markos, Cristina, and the Barcelona friends. Definitely a crazy time - but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Afterwards, Jazmín and Dovis and I split a pizza, Fanta and pastry, and then Dovis took me home.

I went to sleep around 5:00. Another randomly entertaining Valencian night.

Pasando bien,

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