Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools Doesn't Exist in Spain

As you all must know by now, I've been having some serious problems sleeping lately. Well, this morning, after closing all the windows to make it pitch black in the room during the day and after having finally gone to sleep around 4:30, I slept in. And missed my first class. Now Dad, don't flip out on me, I can have three unexcused absences, and this is my first. I do feel bad, though. Anyway, I woke up, got dressed, had breakfast, and then on my way out, sweet Papá, who was also headed to work, offered me a ride, and of course I obliged.

So I went to my Composición class with Edu. It was great and boring all at the same time. I love my profe, but the subject matter is so easy sometimes!

After class, I headed over to the ISA office to figure out what in the world to do regarding my trip to Barcelona - my flight to Paris is out of Btown. I was planning on taking the bus early Friday morning, but no seats were left, and no other bus got there in time for my flight. So, I ended up buying a train ticket for tomorrow afternoon. My only problem was finding somewhere to stay for the night. Luckily, I made a couple friends this weekend who live in Barcelona - Ruth, Montse, Andreas, and Marc. I emailed Ruth to see if she had any room in her flat for me to stay. Turns out, she already had company, but her brother's girlfriend Andrea could host me! What luck!

When my break was over and I'd eaten my bocadillo that Matilde had packed me, I headed to my 3:00 class. It was mediocre today - she'd typed up handouts so we didn't even have to write notes. Afterwards, I caught the bus home.

This afternoon, Matilde and I had fun in the kitchen. When in Dallas, I'd bought cake mix, so we decided to have a cake making day. I made strawberry cake and she made pastel de calabaza (pumpkin). We had so much fun! While we were cooking, we watched Spanish soap operas. My ideal afternoon :)

At around 8:00, I headed out, with part of the cake, to meet my friends at the Estación del Cabañal to mendiguear (share food with the homeless). Since we decided that there wasn't enough cake for all our homeless friends, I let the boys and María take care of it. I won't deny that it made me feel pretty good to get compliments on my cooking, a) because in reality I can't cook, and b) all the Spanish women are amazing in the kitchen and I want to be Spanish... so it really fed the fantasy. We were a small group tonight - in one car, Miguel, María, and Toni, and in the other, Markos, Samu, Dovis, Johnny, and me. My car went to a few places around Blasco Ibáñez, and then parts of the centro centro. We finished up around midnight, met back up to discuss and pray, and then Johnny took me home. It was a really nice night. I absolutely love getting to spend time with my sweet friends!

La Cocinera,

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