Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Back to school, back to school, to prove to Dad that I'm not a fool.

After 2.5 weeks off of school, I was expecting to be Zombie girl at school this morning, but surprisingly, I woke up chipper and ready to go. I was up by 8:00, had a nice leisurely breakfast with Matilde, got dressed and ready, and then was out the door by 8:55. I caught bus 89 to Blasco Ibáñez, and was in class by 9:26. I was the first one there. I waited until about 9:35, at which time I was still the only one there. It got a little fishy at that point, so I called Melanie. Turns out I'd missed the email about meeting at IVAM for our Cultura class today. Luckily, we weren't supposed to be there until 10:00, so I had just the right amount of time to walk there.

IVAM stands for Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderna (Valencian Institue of Modern Art). It was really cool.

There were 2 permanent exhibits, and 4 temporary. I only had time to see one temporary and one permanent. My favorite was the permanent, Julio González. He specialized in sculptures, and I absolutely LOVED his embossed brass pieces.

We stayed there til 11:15, and then we walked back to school for our 11:45 literature class, during which we just watched more Don Quijote cartoons.

After class, I walked home. For lunch, it was Matilde, César, Miguel, Lindsey and me. We had an angel hair soup with mixed vegetables and garbanzo beans. We also had pastries for dessert - I had part of an apple and cheesecake pastry... SO delicious.

After lunch, I hung out, watched the most recent Gossip Girl episode, read my Spanish book, and worked on my projects a little. Around 6:00, I skyped with Mary Evelyn, and around 7:30, I went for a run in the park. It was SO NICE. The weather has been absolutely perfect recently, and the park is just FILLED with people going for a paseo, or running, or biking, or roller blading. Such a nice atmosphere.

When I got home, I quickly showered, then we had dinner. We had lots of peas, onions with salt and vinegar, quiche, and a tomato and tuna cake. It was actually all very good. Afterward we had a batido (smoothie-like) of bananas and strawberries.

After supper, I skyped my mom, finished my Spanish movie, and went to sleep. What a nice first day back to school!!

La estudiante,

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