Monday, April 13, 2009

Beach, Billiards, and Escondite!

This morning I awoke around 10:00 and fiddled around til about 11. About that time, Macy called, and we made plans to meet up. So I got myself dressed and ready and then headed out to meet her and Jessica at 11:45. We met at Avenida del Puerto, and from there, walked to the beach. It was a beautiful day, but still a bit too chilly to lay out, although they were plenty of people doing it anyway.

We sat on the dock, eating sunflower seeds and talking for hours. It was just so peaceful. Around 4:00, we started making our way back. We stopped at a Döner Kebap place to eat, and also at BK to get a Fusion - delicious ice cream that we are all addicted to now. We all went home to shower and change after that.

At 5:15, I headed to the Nuevo Centro to meet up with some friends. We were going to play pool in the pool hall. It was: Macy, Jessica, me, Gaby, Dabid, Elias, Samu, Raquel, Sara, Reveca, Markos, Cristina, Jazmín, Abi, Johnny, Dovis, and Lukas. All of the pool tables were taken though, so we played foosball for awhile.

When we got bored, we headed down into the park. We played hide-and-seek, and it was so fun! I felt like a little kid. I would get that nervous feeling, you know - when you're hiding and the counter just finished and has started the search, and all you want to do is run and be on base but you have to wait it out until you know you'll make it. It was such a rush! Afterwards, we hung around for a while, 

Johnny and Markos 'flying'
Jessica, Abi, Samu, Cristina, and Jazmín
Macy, me, and Abi
Markos, Macy, Dabid, Gaby, Dovis, me, Samu, Jazmín, Abi, and Jess

then headed down to Aragón to the Cardenas' apartment building, since all of the fun bars or clubs were closed due to the holiday.

We hung out, just talking, until about 2:00, and then Dovis took me home. It was so nice to be back with all of my precious Spanish friends again!

Llena de Amistad,

PS. I finally added pictures to all of last week's adventures... Check them out!

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