Saturday, April 11, 2009

Working My Way Back to Vtown

Being the good friend I am, I gave up my most treasured possession, SLEEP, to take my amigas to the airport. I met them at their hostel around 5:20 and we walked up to the metro station. We waited there about 15 minutes for the metro, and then were on our way to the Valencia airport. I got them all checked in, and then we said our goodbyes. It was a little sad, but mostly sweet. We'll be seeing each other so soon, anyway.

I took the metro back to the Xátiva stop, then walked the 20 minutes to Calle Molina 4. I got back home around 7:20, and then slept until 12:00. When I woke up for the second time today, I decided to work on my paper that's due next week - Francisco Franco is my theme.

At about 3:30, I met up with Macy and Jessica, at our normal spot: the Aragón bridge. We walked around for a while and caught up. Eventually, we made our way to McDonalds, of all places. We'd heard that the McFlurry's here are better than they are in the States, so we decided to test out this claim. Turns out, they were pretty good.

At 5:00, after making a list of things to do in our last 4 weeks here, we decided randomly to head out to Alboraya, where the horchata (the drink typical of Valencia) is the best.

There are only a few places where chufas are grown - the beans used to make the drink - and Alboraya is known for its chufa fields. So we hopped the metro to la Horchatería Daniel, the most popular one in the pueblo. There, we had horchata, and yes, it was amazing.

We headed back into Valencia around 7:30 and all went home. For dinner, it was Miguel, Marta, and her friend Miriam. Matilde and Papá are still out of town. We had tapas! Calamari, pieces of hamburgers, egg salad, croquetas de bacalao, and pepitos (typical of Easter). It was all very delicious.

Afterwards, I chilled and worked on my paper until about 11:00. At 11:30, Macy and Jessica came over to watch a movie, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and then spent the night! Marta and Miguel, and my parents, too, told me to make myself at home, and that it would be great if I had company. This is a huge deal, because most homestays do NOT welcome friends of the student. We were so excited!!! Spend the night parties are so fun!

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