Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Saaaaaailing takes me away!

Sometimes I am amazed at how brainless I can be. Last night, as I was going to sleep, I set my alarm for this morning and then plugged it in to charge. But instead of plugging my charger into the charger part of my phone, I plugged it into the earphones part. SO, I woke up at 10:15, and was supposed to be down at the docks at 11:00. But, luckily, after talking to Macy and Jessica, we decided to be at the docks at 1:00 instead.

So, I went downstairs and had breakfast with Matilde, then got ready. On my way out around 11:45, she stopped me and insisted that I put some more AfterSun on, and then she put some on my back, too. This put me behind, so I had to hurry and catch the metro then the tram to the port.

I finally got there around 12:50 and hopped on... the sailboat! We sailed for about an hour and a half off the coast of Valencia and it was amazing! Up until the very end of our ride, the weather was warm and perfect, and the sea was gorgeous. It was ideal! There were only a few other people on there, so it was pretty intimate, too. We had so much fun.

Afterwards, we all took the metro home. When I got back, I chatted with Matilde and Papá for a while, then came up to my room and chilled. Around 5:30, I headed up to the Cine Lys to meet Cristina, Jazmín, and Abi. We got our tickets to the movie, ran to the Mercadona for snacks (sunflower seeds and juice for me) and then back to the theater. We saw The Visitor, and it was so good. It was all in Spanish of course, no subtitles, but I understood it! It was awesome!

When it was over, we walked back to their house, and the Cristina and I went to the Cabanyal to meet up with all of our friends (Markos, Dovis, Dabid, María, Samu, Johnny, Miguel, Mela, Josué, Lukas, and Jessica and Macy) to share food with the homeless. My group was M&J plus Dovis and Samu. We went around Cardenal Benlloch and then the botanical gardens. Tonight was a cool night because it was the first time I personally got to really talk about the Lord, like, in depth. It was hard, because I'm telling someone who is homeless and jobless that everything will be okay, will I'm here, with a home, food every meal, plenty of clothes and a daily shower. But I do believe in a God who has a plan for everything, so I'm just clinging to that. The best thing I could do was show them his Love. We went finally to the Plaza Redonda, we were met up with Markos and Johnny. We stayed there until about 1:30, and then Johnny drove me home.

It should be said that my sunburn is still playing a huge role in my day. When I changed into pants today, I thought I was going to die. I deserve it though, not putting on sunscreen! But, tomorrow is a new day, and it will be a little better that today, so I am happy for that.

La marinera,

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