Friday, April 17, 2009

How to have a picnic on the beach

Another failed attempt at being an adult who wakes up on time. Even though I didn't have anything to do or anywhere to be today, I still wanted to be up at a decent hour. But the one alarm I did set went unnoticed, and my wake up call was a knock on my door at 1:45 - Matilde asking if I was going to come down for lunch!

Madre mía.

Anyway, lunch was amazing. What's new? It was Matilde and César, Miguel, and me. We had potatoes and meat with bread and fruit for dessert.

After lunch, I came back up to my room, showered, and worked a little more on my paper. Lindsey came home around 4:00. It was the first time I'd seen her since the end of March! We talked and caught up for a little while, then I caught the 89 bus down to Zumo Del!s to meet up with Jess and Macy. There, we did some more homework and chilled.

At around 7:45, Macy and I headed to the Mercadona close to her and Jess's house to shop for our picnic tonight! (Jess had already gone ahead to run and shower). There, we ran into Jazmín and Cristina, who were also shopping for the picnic. We made plans to go down to the beach together, and then went to buy our goods. Macy and I got cups, plates, Fanta naranja, and Tinto de Verano. We checked out, then headed to her house. While she went upstairs to change, I headed to the Consumo next door to get the cake - lemon and chocolate 'brazos'. I forgot to mention that this picnic was kind of a birthday party.

Jessica, Macy and I then headed to the bus stop.  Turns out the Cardenas sisters were running a little behind, so we went on ahead and caught the 31 bus down to Pans & Company on the Malvarrosa beach. There, we met up with: Josué, María, Gaby, Markos, Dovis, Esteban, Lukas, Anne, Muriel, Jazmín, Cristina, and Abby. We hung out for a little while, then moved the party to the sand!

It was just so fun! We had a few towels laid out, with torches surrounding to give us light.

Then, the food. There were empanadas, bocadillos, lots of chips, sunflower seeds, any kind of drink you could want, and pastries and the cakes. Here's a picture of the aftermath:

We just hung out - enjoyed being together. We talked and laughed and joked, took lots of pictures. We made memories.

Jazmín and Macy and Cristina also put 20 candles in the chocolate 'brazo' for me, and as soon as Jazmín stood up to bring it over to me, they all went out but two. But I still got to blow out my (two) candles and make a wish! It was perfect.

We stayed at the beach until about 2:00, at which time we were divvied up into cars and driven home. Sara, Esteban's girlfriend who came late because of work, took the Cardenas sisters (Cristina, Jazmín, and Abi) home, and then me. We listened to great music and sang along (yes - I can actually sing along to Spanish radio now). It was a nice ending to an amazing night.



  1. Hey, sweet Leigh, Sounds like you're having some great fun sight-seeing, picnicking, and just hanging out with friends. I sure have enjoyed your blog these past few weeks. I'm sorry I haven't commented more. Your writings are so much fun to read. I hope we can put them into a hard-copy book form when you get home - 3 weeks from today! I know you're not looking forward to that, but I sure am. I miss you so much! Talk to you soon...hugs and kisses


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