Monday, April 20, 2009

Tour de Oración

Today, I woke up again, feeling a little strange. My stomach was hurting, like yesterday. It felt like I'd eaten something bad, but I didn't ever feel super nauseated. Spanish water.

Anyway, I stayed in bed for a while, researching and watching Spanish films. Matilde came to see if I wanted lunch and scolded me for not telling her earlier that I felt bad. She set aside a plate of spaghetti for me for when I felt better, and then brought me up an infusión. What a sweetheart.

I started feeling better around 4:00, so I got up and braved my food. It turned out to be just what I needed. Yummy spaghetti... Matilde really knows how to make it!

After eating, I got dressed and ready, then around 5:00, I headed downtown to the Plaza de la Virgen to meet up with the Cardenas. There is a church in the US called The Vineyard, and it has gone international. Here is the site if you're interested: The Cardenas were involved in Ecuador while Cristina and Jazmín were still babies, and moved to Spain to help start churches here. The idea is for the daughter (South America) to bless the mother (Spain). So they moved to Sevilla and helped start La Viña there, and then moved here to Valencia. They haven't had as much success here, but are still praying that the Lord will grow this church.

All of this to say, we were having a prayer tour around parts of the city. Six Americans that work with The Vineyard in Boston came over to do a tour throughout all of La Viña churches in Spain. I got to talk with them, and it just seems like a wonderful ministry. Anyway, it was the Cardenas (Dad Fran, Mom Alexandria, Cristina, Jazmín, Abi, and baby brother Dani), me, Dovis, two other Spanish friends Daniel and Elias, and then the six Americans. Because I was one of the three people who can speak both English and Spanish, I was in charge of one of the three groups. Our group prayed for the new weekly prayer meeting that the Cardenas have started, 24/7 Oración. And I translated. It was really neat. The other two groups prayed for the new youth reunion every month, Visión, and our homeless ministries, Entérate (Saturday mornings in the park) and Mendiguear (Wednesday nights around the city).

After praying for about an hour in the plaza, we moved down to the río antiguo (park) to prayer for the homeless that we see on Wednesdays and Saturdays. We stayed there for about 30 minutes, too.

After everything, around 9:00, we headed back to the Cardena's apartment. Abi, the youngest who is 13, made cakes and brownies for all of us to enjoy. That girl is a talented baker, for sure!! We hung out their house until about 11:00, at which time at had to, unfortunately, excuse myself. Classes start in the morning, and I have to get a good night's sleep; otherwise, I will be absolutely worthless.

No lista para empezar las clases de nuevo,

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