Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Valencia, at last!

We woke up in Barcelona this morning around 6:30, and all got ready to go. We left our hostel around 8:00 and headed to the train station. We caught our 9:00 train to Valencia without any major hitches, and were on our way! The train ride was incredible. It goes right along the coast of the mediterranean, and the towns there are picturesque.

We got into Valencia around 12:00 and headed to the hostel, where the girls dropped off their stuff. We walked around the corner and had lunch at the Cafe Ruzafa, and then I headed home to greet my family and drop off my things. Around 2:30, I headed back to meet up with the girls, but unfortunately, it was raining pretty badly! We stayed in the hostel a little while longer, and when the rain had let up a bit, we headed up to el Mercado de Colón, a beautiful covered market. There, we met up with Macy and Jessica, and had gelato. It was wonderful.

Next, we walked to the Plaza de Toros to shop, but it was closed. So we went right over to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento and then Plaza de la Reina. The five spice girls climbed up to the top of the cathedral's tower and took in the view of the gorgeous city.

By this time, it had stopped raining and the sun had come out just a bit, so it was quite beautiful. Afterwards, we headed back to the hostel, and Jessica and Macy went home to change and eat.

Around 9:00, we came back to the centro and ate a nice dinner at a place called Sagradi. It was delicious. From there, we met up with some friends, those who didn't have school or work the next day: Markos, Samu, Dabid, Gaby, Anne, Anna, and Dovis. Dovis and his family got me a beautiful silver charm bracelet for my birthday. It was so precious. Anne made me some delicious, homemade, white chocolate and macedamia nut cookies. I wasn't expecting anything from anyone, so it really surprised me and I cried a little bit! I just love my friends! We ended up going to a really cool bar called Chill Out* where you sit on pillows on the floor and do exactly what the name says.

Anna, Anne, me, Gaby, and Macy
Samu, Dovis, Markos, and Dabid
Jessica and JLee
At midnight, my sweet friends sang Happy Birthday (in Spanish) and toasted me. We stayed there until about 2:00, and then Anne and Anna took me and JLee home (the other girls had gone ahead to get some sleep). Such a super fun night with a mix of both of my worlds!

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