Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cine Casa

I had a bad morning. I was so excited to be going to Calle Quart for church, and when I woke up at 10:00 to get ready, I felt AWFUL. So I ended up staying in bed for a little while, until about 2:00. My parents were gone - they'd been invited to lunch and an afternoon at friends' house.
So for lunch, it was just Miguel and me. He fixed french fries, sausage, and eggs sunny side up. It was all so good. At times, he can be a little shy, so when it's just me and him, I almost felt a little awkward. I tried to keep up a good conversation, but it was still a little forced. In any case, it was a good lunch.

I spent the afternoon working some on my paper. Also, I walked around my neighborhood a little. Just for a little paseo after my siesta. SOOO typical of the Spaniards. I'm trying to be authentic ;)

I watched some more of my Spanish movie, and studied some verbs in the evening. For dinner at 9:30, it was just Miguel and me again, even though Marta was around. He cooked eggs again, and a really delicious salad. We also had some of the tortilla española that Marta cooked.

I was planning on going to watch a movie at Cristina and Jazmín's house, and since Marta was headed out, too, she offered to take me. It was fun getting to spend a little bit of time with her outside of the house. She's really cool.

When I got to the Cardenas, it was just me and the girls. A little while later Jessica and Macy came, and a bit after that, Dovis. Dovis and a bunch of chicas - he loved it.

We set up our own home theater, with the projector and screen. It was super cool!!

We watched 'Knowing' with Nicholas Cage. In Spanish of course. And I fell asleep. So typical.

When the movie was over and I was (somehow) awake, Dovis took me home around 1:00, and then I immediately went to sleep. I was nice to just spend a night in at someone's house. Reminded me of Auburn a little.

La dormilona,

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