Thursday, April 23, 2009

Un Día Normal

I got up this morning, on time again. I had breakfast with Matilde, got dressed, and then headed to catch the bus to class.

This morning, we had Composición with Edu, and then Literatura with Verónica. Both were great - uneventful. During our break, Katye, Megan, Deana, Kyle and I went to sit outside and soak up the sun. It was a gorgeous day, and Edu let us out early.

Afterwards, I walked home, and got there right in time for lunch. It was Matilde, César, Miguel, Marta and me, and we had arroz negro. IT IS THE BEST! I absolutely love it. For dessert we had fruit, of course.

When lunch was over and the table was cleared, I came upstairs and worked on school stuff until dinner time. It was a productive afternoon, and although I had the windows open enough for my room to pass as an open air loft, I was still bummed not to be outside on such a gorgeous day. But that's the life of a student sometimes, I suppose.

Anyway, for dinner, we had fideos (in a soup) and tortilla with green beans. It was Miguel, Matilde and me. After dinner, I went upstairs and collected my things, and then went to meet Jessica and Macy. We went to a little used bookstore where I found a cookbook and The Prodigal Daughter in Spanish - VERY exciting.

The store closed at 11, and we still hadn't completed our mission for the night - to watch Moulin Rouge. So, like any normal person would, we decided to sit outside on a bench and watch the movie on my laptop. And of course, my computer died when there was about 5 minutes left.

So we all went home, and went to sleep, and for the girls, who hadn't seen the movie before, dreamed of a perfect ending. As for me, I just sank into thoughtless oblivion.

La más contenta del mundo,

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