Sunday, April 12, 2009

¡Feliz Pascua!

Easter. Definitely weird not being home for my favorite holiday. However, today was nice in its own right. The Spaniards don't celebrate Easter like we do. The idea of colored hard-boiled eggs is very strange to them. Even in the church, they don't emphasize Easter as much as we do, although they do of course recognize it as the most important day in the Christian faith. It's just different.

Jessica, Macy and I woke up this morning around 9:00. They headed home to get ready, and I showered and got dressed myself. Around 10:00 I headed to the Xátiva metro stop. Today, we went with Cristina and Jazmín and their family to church. Funny enough, it was in the same part of town as the horchatería we went to yesterday. I met Macy and Jessica and our friend Madeline out there. Esteban, another of our old Spanish friends, met us at the restaurant and walked us to the church. The Cardenas were coming by car.

The service started at 11:00. A guy named Alex led worship. Some of the songs were ones we sing in English, but others were new to me. I love that. Alex also preached today - the normal pastor was out of town. He talked about what it means to be a friend of God. It was really amazing.

After church, the Cardenas invited us to lunch at their home. Unfortunately, I'd already told Miguel, my brother, that I would be coming home to eat. Which I did. He'd made grilled chicken, and it was amazing. It was just him and me, since our parents won't get home until tomorrow.

After lunch, I uploaded all my trip pictures, and then went to meet up with Jessica and Macy in the park. We hung out there and enjoyed the weather until about 5, when it got a little too chilly. From there, we went to my favorite chill spot, Zumo Del¡s. It has free WIFI, so we got coffee and just hung out until about 8:30.

I came home then, and Miguel and I had dinner. He'd made omelets, which were very tasty, and also some fried cheese and more chicken.

Since dinner, I've been hanging out, working on my Franco paper, and spending time with Jesus. He's taught me a lot in the past couple of days. Like how to be single minded in my pursuit of Him. It's just so cool.

Que puedas disfrutar de la gracia de Dios,

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