Thursday, April 2, 2009

In Barcelona!

So I do have internet here!

This morning was so great for me. I woke up, broke my fast, got dressed and headed to school, where I arrived EARLY! WOOHOO! Tired as I was, it was nice. However, for our first class, Composición with Edu, Melanie and I were the only students in attendance. So we just talked to Edu for 1.75 hours. It was pretty cool. After, we had literature. Since today is our last day of School until April 21, and literature was our last class of the day, it was torture. But finally, it ended at 1:15, and Melanie and I were on the bus headed home.

When we got on the bus, I sat down, not really paying attention to my seatmate. Turns out, I was seated next to my host brother, César! It was cool. We talked on the bus and the whole way home. He plays Spanish guitar ridiculously well, and teaches it at a school of fine arts. Woowee. When we got home, it was time for lunch. The whole crew was there, minus Lindsey - Matilde, Papá, César, Marta, and Miguel. We had rice with garbanzo beans and different types of meat, salad, bread, and for dessert, strawberries and my strawberry cake. They all loved it :)

Afterwards, I went upstairs to relax a little, then pack. At 4:15, I said my farewells and headed up Calle Sapadores/Ruzafa to Estación del Nord, the more central and much larger train station. There, I caught my train to Barcelona. It was 4 hours and I slept most of the way. When I wasn't asleep, I watched the featured film, Spiderman 2 - in Spanish.

When I got to Barcelona around 9:00, I caught the metro to the Catalunya stop, where my amazing friends Ruth and Montse were waiting on me. Montse rode with Ruth and me a few more stops, then we changed lines and said goodbye to her. Ruth and I finally made it to La Pau, and walked down Calle d'Oliva to Andrea'se house. Andrea and Sarai are the two sisters that I'm staying with tonight. Andrea's boyfriend, Dani, is Ruth's brother. When we arrived, we immediately had dinner, Ruth, Dani, Andrea, Sarai and me. It was delicious, too. Spaghetti with salmon and a salad and bread. For dessert, we had tea and truffles. I wish I could prepare a meal like the Spaniards. That's my goal for the one month I have left here - learn to REALLY cook. Anyway, they are all super amiable and fun, and I had a wonderful time at dinner.

Around 11:30, we said goodbye to Ruth and Dani, and Sarai, Andrea and I got ready for bed. I'm in my own room, which is nice. It's rare for anyone to have a spare room like this. I'm waking up early in the morning to catch the metro to the train, where I'll catch the train to the airport. Then I'm on my way to Charles de Gaulle to meet Sarah Kate! Spice girls reunion!!! Hopefully I'll have internet in Paris to keep you posted!


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