Saturday, April 25, 2009

Los Sábados en Valencia

It was a struggle to wake up this morning, but somehow I did. I hurried to get dressed and catch the metro to the Nuevo Centro to meet up with everyone. From there, we went down into the río (parque) to share breakfast with our homeless friends. So many of them came today!! It was super fun. It was me, Macy, Jess, Cris, Jaz, Abi, Fran, Markos, and Esteban. We stayed, eating, talking, and playing soccer. 

We had to say goodbye to all of our friends, because the next Saturday that they have this is the same Saturday that I leave Europe. SAD.

Markos took me home around 1:15, and when I got there, Matilde was expecting me. Today, she taught me how to cook Paella!!! It was amazing on so many levels. First, I actually can cook something Valencian, and second, I got to spend some amazing quality time with Matilde. I also got to meet her sister, which was neat. They are so much alike.

Around 2:30, we sat down to have lunch, with our paella and bread and cerveza limón, compliments of César. It was just the three of us, and so nice.

Afterwards, I took a little siesta, and worked on school stuff. Ugh. Around 7, however, I headed out to Calle Quart for a Christian concert there in the church. The band was named Secreto a Voces, with three girl singers, a guy guitar player, and a guy drummer. They were incredible! Macy met me there, and we sat with Anne, Anna, and Muriel, our German friends.

Macy and I left after the concert to meet up with Jess at the Feria Andaluza. During these two weeks, the Andalucíans have a Feria, a big festival, and the andaluces that live here in Valencia have their own small one in the río. It was really cool - lots of Flamenco and Andalusian food.

We met up with Markos, Dovis, Gaby, Samu, Elias, Dani M and Dani P, Johnny, Lukas, Christian, Esteban, and Sara. From there, we went to Aqua, a big shopping mall across from the CAC, chilled in McDonald's for hours, then went to the arcade next door. It was silly, but fun to spend so much time with the friends that I love.

Dovis, again, took me home, around 3:00, and I went immediately to sleep. So many hours spent awake these past few days... I love it!

La mariposa social,

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