Friday, April 24, 2009

Lagos y Vagos

I woke up this morning, early for some reason, although I was really tired. I went downstairs and had dinner with Matilde, and then went back up to my room. I read a little bit, and accidentally fell asleep in the process. Luckily, I woke up at 1:15, and rushed to get ready before catching a taxi to the Mestalla (the soccer stadium close to our school where Valencia C.F. plays).

At the Mestalla, the bus was waiting to take our group to Albufera, a little town outside of Valencia that is best known for it's natural lake of the same name. We were taking an hour and a half boat ride on the lake.

When we got there, we walked to the port, splitting into two groups for boats. My boat was me, Macy, Jess, Ben, Nate, Matt, Tana, Nicole, Anna, Elizabeth, Ken, Melanie, and Dottie, plus our advisor, Manuel. It was so fun! The weather was perfect, the lake was empty of other boats, and the wildlife was amazing.

After the boat ride, we headed back to the bus and to Valencia. When we got back, J&M and I walked towards the centro to spend time walking around. The day was too beautiful to waste. We explored new streets, and found a shop where they sell Spanish scarves cheap. I may or may not have purchased gifts.

We headed to one of the paseos outside of the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, where we had Clara, a mix of half beer, half Fanta lemon. I don't really like the taste of beer, but with Fanta Lemon, my favorite drink EVER, it wasn't half bad. We also had some gelato. I want to try it from as many places as I can, really take advantage of my time here... ;)

I headed home around 8:00, at which time I showered and made myself a little more presentable after a day of walking and windblown hair. Then at 9:00, I headed down to Aragón to go to the Cardenas' house. 

They'd invited a group of our friends over for dinner. We had pasta and salad and drinks and desserts. Afterwards we played Singstar, which is the singing equivalent to guitar hero. And in Spanish. Those in attendance were: the Cardenas family (Fran, Alexandria, Cristina, Jazmín, Abi, and Dani), Markos, Dovis, Jess, Macy, Lukas, Johnny, Esteban, Elias, and me.

We stayed there until about 2:00, and then Dovis took me home. Sweet Dovis ALWAYS insists on 'acercándome a casa'. He doesn't believe in letting a lady walk home. What a sweetheart.


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