Monday, April 27, 2009


This morning, I woke up at 7:30. I was rested, but a little bit stopped up because the temperatures dropped during the night and I'd forgotten that my windows were open. Nonetheless, I got breakfast, then caught the number 89 bus to school.

Today, I had Conversación and Cultura. In both classes, I had to give powerpoint presentations, and for Cultura, I had to turn in my ten page paper. It was so much work, but I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders now that it's done. All that's left is just to study... for my 5 exams next Tuesday and Wednesday. Should be interesting.

After my morning classes, Megan and I went to Mercadona to purchase a few groceries... Matilde accidentally slept in a little this morning and forgot to fix me a bocadillo, which is totally fine with me. I ended up getting a pre-packaged salad and it was surprisingly really good. Afterwards, I headed up to the ISA office to chill until my 3:00 class.

Ken and I walked back over to the Facultad for Historia de la Lengua Española. It was a cool class period today. I'm getting really good at castellano medieval ;)

I caught the number 90 bus back home, since I had groceries. No one was home, so I rested some, did some serious investigating into the swine flu (I think I have it), and then went running. I showered, and then Matilde and I had dinner. We had pasta, chorizo, and deviled eggs. For dessert, we had strawberry smoothies and little slices of the chocolate cake she made. She is so funny - she always says she can't cook, but of course she is amazing. And she LOVES to get compliments on her cooking, so I give them! They're all true! But she loves to experiment in the kitchen. And I'm learning a few things, too, as we go along.

After dinner, we talked for a little while. Marta showed up, and she lent me a movie. I just love her.

Since then, I've been chatting with friends, uploading new facebook photos (all my Spanish friends love the pictures I take and will get on my case if I don't upload them relatively soon after they're taken), and relaxing.

Also, I've been trying to mentally prepare myself for coming home. I know it's going to be so hard. I don't do well with transitions. The worse thing is this helpless and paralyzing feeling - knowing that my impending departure is ever-approaching, and yet, regardless of my will, I am returning to the US next Saturday and saying goodbye to some of the most amazing people I've ever known in my life.


I just want to ask you all to join me in praying that the Lord help me through this upcoming transitional period, and that above all, I not let Satan steal my joy.

Un poco agobiada,

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