Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Beautiful Valencia!

Woke up this morning at 8:00, AGAIN, and had breakfast before getting ready for class. I headed to catch the bus to school, and got there at 9:30 on the dot. Here's where all my classes are, in the Facultad de Filología:

Today, we had Conversación with Virginia, which was great, and then our Composición class with Edu was cancelled! So I went out side with Megan, Katye, and Anna and had lunch in the park right across from our school. The weather was gorgeous, so it was a perfect picnic, with our bocadillos and all! After lunch, I headed up to the ISA office to work on some class things and then chill.

At 3:00ish, I headed back over to the school for my History class. When it was over at 4:30, I hopped on the metro and went and met Macy and Jessica in the Plaza de la Reina to have montaditos (baby bocadillos) and Tinto de Verano at one of the restaurants there. Wednesdays are a special - everything is 1 euro! After that, we got gelato at the amazing gelatería right next door.

When we'd finished, we walked around the downtown area - Barrio Carmen. Our final destination was FNAC (kind of like Best Buy) so Jess could buy some Spanish guitar music, but we definitely took our time and got to know streets we'd never taken before.

A really cool graffiti
Torres de Quart

We got to FNAC and listen to music for about an hour! It was funnnnnn. After we left, we headed home, and got ready for Mendiguear (when we share food with our homeless friends) tonight. I didn't have time to go back to my house and then walk to the Cabanyal, so I just stayed in casa until Markos came and picked me up on their way to our first stop, around 10:00.

Our group was: Markos, me, Jess, Macy, Cristina, Dovis, Lukas, and Reveca. We went all over town, including my future school here:

passing out bocadillos and talking with our homeless friends, found a few hats and flowers,

and delighted in each other and our time together. Markos took me home around 1:30, at which time I came up to my room, and since then have been working out my summer schedule. I'm trying to get 12 hours so I can have scholarship money - which means I'm going to be taking SCUBA! Cool!

¿Podría ser Valenciana?

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